Our Story

Two years ago, I was on an evangelism trip to a village called Odo-oba in Lagelu local government of Oyo state. A 20km drive from Ejioku town in Ibadan. On my way to the village, I saw many children on their way to farm and some following their parents with cutlasses, basket and hoe on Monday morning around school time. I was wondering if those children do go to school at all to be going to farm at that time of the day.

Getting to the village, I saw and felt the many voiceless situations of the rural. From lack of portable water to access to healthcare facilities etc. I enquire if there is a school in the village from my bike man who double as my tour-guide and he drove me to the only primary school that feeds other 7 neighboring communities situated in the village.

Getting to the school, I was informed by the head teacher of the school that only 10% of the total number of children in the village and its environs do enroll in school. The few that are in school are in a pitiable state with symptoms of malnutrition, ringworms and sores of wounds on their legs. I later understood that some of them do cover a distance of 1hour 30minutes by trekking barefooted before getting to school. Many don’t have school uniform.

The sight and encounter I had with the children in the school brought me to a conclusion that. “There is no better gospel than transforming the narrative of the children in that community both of those in school and those out of school”. Thus the emergence of RURAL BRIDGE.

Olayinka Ilesanmi(Eazy)


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